How to Make Almond Flour


Making your own almond flour is more economical to make it yourself if you can buy the almonds in bulk and have a really good food processor. Twelve ounces of almond flour will cost you about twelve bucks in a local supermarket, which is pretty expensive when compared to regular flour. Instead we bought our own almonds, 48 oz, for about $8 at a wholesale store. Basically we are paying 17 cents an ounce instead of $1 an ounce. For storing purposes, a cool and dark pantry will keep the flour for about a month. If kept in a refrigerator, the flour can be kept up to six months. I heard that in the freezer, the flour will keep for years but I wonder how the texture would be.

Yields: 1 cup of almonds = 1 cup of flour



  • Blanched Almonds (I will be posting a recipe soon on how to blanch your own almonds)

Step 1: Add blanched almonds to a powerful blender and blend for about 5-20 seconds, or until a fine powder. Do not over blend or it will start turning into an almond butter.


Step 2: Sift to remove the large pieces that might have been missed during the processing.


Step 3: Put the big pieces back in the food processor and repeat step 1.


Step 4: Store in a freezer bag or an air-tight container. Use and Enjoy!


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