How to use “Better than Bouillon”

This is a quick and simple tutorial on how to use “Better than Bouillon.” This product allows you to make your own broth, such as chicken, vegetable, beef, chili, clam, turkey, mushroom, ham, lobster and much more. I decided a how-to post was needed since I will be using their broth for some of my recipes.

I have to say that after making it, it really makes a difference in your cooking. I usually buy the cartons or cans that are ready to use on the spot or I add a bouillon packet into my broths for a stronger taste. I think I may have converted to the Tastier Side (I typed this with a deep and dark tone to it because I have been watching too much Stars Wars and Darth Vader is awesome).


*This quantity of the ingredients depends on how much broth you want to make.

  • 1 teaspoon of “Better than Bouillon” to every 8 ounces of water
Step 1: Boil your water.
Step 2: Add the “Better than Bouillon” to the boiling water and stir.
Step 3: Use in whatever recipe you decide. I made 8 cups of it for a tortellini soup recipe (the next blog post will on this recipe).
Step 4: Use and Enjoy!


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