How to De-Stem a Mushroom

I am starting a how-to section of the blog. I think it will help break down the recipes and it will help amateur cooks with some of the basics. I consider myself a good cook but there is always something to learn.


  • 1 package (or more) of mushrooms
  • A paring knife (this is not really an ingredient but I felt it was important to mention)
Step 1: Wet a paper towel or a small towel with water.
Step 2: Wipe the tops of the mushroom. This will get rid of the dirt.
 *If  you were to rinse the mushroom under the faucet, the fungi would be water-logged and it would ruin your recipe.
Step 3: Using a paring knife, cut around the stem (the knife should be vertical). Cut off only the excess white trim and put into a small bowl. Please do not cut through the mushroom.
Step 4: Now angle the paring knife and stick it halfway through the stem at the base. Cut around and pop off the stem. Place the stem into the same bowl with the excess white trim.
Step 5: Now you have officially learned how to de-stem a mushroom.
*Note: Chop the stems and trims. Place them in a Tupperware and use later for a soup or meatballs.
Step 6: Eat and Enjoy!


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