How to Rice Cauliflower

So these instructions will help you make the Cauliflower Pizza or future recipes that might require you to rice cauliflower. I never even heard of this technique so I had to look it up myself.

I LOVE cauliflower. It is one of my favorite vegetables to eat and to snack on. When I am avoiding homework and want to snack, I pop in some frozen cauliflower, salt, and garlic powder into the oven. Instant yummy! For some future recipes that require “riced cauliflower,” which is simply cooked and grated cauliflower, here is the step by the step.


  • one 16 ounce bag of Frozen Cauliflower Florets


Step 1: Put frozen cauliflower into a microwave bowl.

Step 2: Microwave for about 8 minutes.

Step 3: Carefully, drain any excess water.

Step 4: When the florets are cool enough to handle (I like to rinse them under cold water and drain them a second time to speed up to cooling process), grate them into a fine pieces. Step 5: Grating is easiest with a food processor, but for people like me who do not own one of those magical equipments, using a cheese grater works too (but takes much longer; so be careful with those fingers).


This recipe yields about 3 cups. You can store your leftover cooked, riced cauliflower in Tupperware and refrigerated it until you are ready to use it again.

P.S.You can use a head of raw cauliflower to make your riced cauliflower. Simply rice the head before cooking it in the microwave.


    • If you are looking for food blogs, I would suggest Pioneer Woman and Bake at 350. I have a list of blogs on my “blog roll,” which can be found on the right side bar.

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